Modern Slavery Statement

Modern Slavery Statement

At Sahara Sailing, we are fully aware of modern slavery and the awful impact it can have on the individuals and communities that it touches. In order to ensure we are not supporting these practices, we are working with Uneek and Beechfield to supply all of our clothing products.

Uneek say:

… before we work with any manufacturer or supplier, we make sure they adhere to the International Labour Organisation Conventions on Slave labour, Forced Labour and Human Trafficking. To ensure that these practices do not take place in any factory supplying to us, we have put in place a mandatory reporting and monitoring system. We carry out random and spot checks (unannounced) as well as pre-agreed checks at the factories. Uneek pays and is committed to a Living Wage in the UK and pays the highest possible rates to their overseas suppliers. We adhere to the ideal of Global Human Rights Policy in that we recognise the right of all employees, whether in the UK or overseas, to have a safe and respectful workplace. All Uneek employees, manufacturers and suppliers are committed to complying with all applicable laws regarding slavery and human trafficking whether in the UK or overseas countries where we conduct our business.

Uneek, Modern Slavery Statement

Beechfield say:

We operate according to an ethical policy that protects and rewards every individual involved in the manufacture and supply of our products. The ethical policy references and respects local laws, with regard to wages, health and safety, workers’ welfare and human rights. It expressly forbids the use of coerced/forced labour, including child workers. Our field based staff carry out full audits on all of our manufacturing partners to ensure that our ethical standards are constantly maintained.

Beechfield, Ethical Principles, Beechfield Brands SS20 Brochure