We’re Still Here!

We’re still here and open for business!

However, in the light of the Covid-19 situation, we are doing all we can to comply with government regulations and keep you and our staff safe, while still delivering fantastic sailing adventures on Dakhla bay.

Please follow us on for any updates to our situation.

New Regulations

To help protect you and others, we request that all customers and staff follow these regulations:

  • Use a hand washing station to wash hands:
    • Upon arrival at our base
    • After boarding the catamaran
    • At the request of our crew
  • Maintain at least 1m distance from staff and other customers
  • Cover your nose and mouth
  • Cough into your elbow
  • Use tissues only once, and then throw them away in the bin provided

Because of the current sanitary situation caused by Covid-19, the maximum number of passangers is reduced by 50% and we cannot serve meals on board the catamaran.

Thank you so much for bearing with us and helping us keep one another safe in these difficult times.


More details about the experiences we offer, can be be found here:

Catamaran Sailing Adventures

Relax on board, or be active and learn or practice sailing as you discover the beautiful protected waters of Dakhla bay, its scenery and its wildlife. Experience the thrill of sailing as the wind fills the sails of this catamaran, capable of crossing oceans with wind power alone. Choose from a taster session to a half day or whole day adventure.

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Dinghy Lessons and Adventures

Learn the basics of dinghy sailing in our sailing dinghy, and once you have the basics, why not go on an adventure? Choose from hourly lessons or a whole day adventure for those with some experience.

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Tents and Beach Days

Join us on club days for dinghy sailing fun, and enjoy being on the water with others or watch the fun from our tents.

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