Sahara Holiday Package

Sahara Holiday Package

Build your own desert holiday package with Sahara Sailing. Combine sailing on the azura Dakhla Bay, with wildlife tours of the local desert, water sports and trips to sample the traditional cuisine at local restaurants. See below for the kinds of options we can offer and Contact Us to book and build your Sahara Holiday Package.

On the Water

One of the great features of Dakhla is our incredible bay. With year round sun, it’s own desert island and numerous sandy bays to explore and fantastic wildlife to spot, we think it’s a vital part of any Sahara holiday package.

Options with us and some of our local partners include:

In the Desert

Outside of the town lies one of the last true great stretches of wildness in the world. You don’t have to go far before the Sahara desert fills every horizon.

Options with some of our local partners include:

  • Day excursions out to see the sights, including the salt-water pools of Imilli, the White Dune, and the vast Peurto Rico beach on the far side of Dakhla Bay
  • Wildlife tours with Dakhla Rovers, the local desert playing home to the dorcas gazelle, sand cats and the golden jackal.

Around the Town

Dakhla is a distinctive town, a blend of cultures classic Moroccan and old Spanish buildings, meeting with nomadic tents, and the odd camel munching a shrub at the side of the road. We’d recommend setting aside at least a day to explore the souks and restaurants, but are happy to book and arrange trips to some of the key sights and tastes, if you’d like some recommendations! These include, but are not limited to:

  • The best places to find delicious Moroccan cuisine; couscous, tagine or harira.
  • Night time trips in the cool of the day to experience the souk in all of it’s vibrancy.
  • Oyster and mussel farms, offering these freshly caught sea-food delicacies.
  • Drinking coffee at Las Sarga on the very tip of the peninsula, several miles out into the Atlantic, as traditional wooden fishing boats ply their trade on the horizon.

Interested? Contact us to find out more!